Tadano LCD AML-L Replacement

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Replacement LCD for Tadano "L" series computers.

Compatible with AML L, LC, LA, LIIB, etc.

The LCD is prone to sun damage and internal segment shorts that result in poor display

visibility or loss of display segments.

These Microtec LCD's are a direct replacement and employ the next generation of LCD technology resulting in a much wider viewing angle and improved temperature stability.

The display is fitted with a transflective backing for use in daylight or with the backlight in reduced light conditions.

The LCD is supplied with pins on glass and a protective polythene front overlay that

must be removed after installation.

Installation of the LCD requires the original to be desoldered from the display

board and the 86 holes cleared ready for the new display to be soldered in place. 

Such PCB rework requires a level of appropriate skill and specialised tooling.

The LCD is available as a replacement part or the experienced staff at Microtec can replace the display for you.

We also have an extensive range of overlays for Tadano and other crane computers


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