Thiess Spec Latching Light Control Module

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Please note. There is a 2 -3 week turnaround on this product.

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Designed specifically for use on Thiess sites the Thiess spec latching light control module operates on 12/24V and is fitted to cranes to control the external warning lights (Red/Amber/Green) and to latch the red light after an alarm condition occurs.  The unit comes with a pair of keys that can be used by site supervisors to reset the system after clearing an alarm condition as well as a built in test button and buzzer.  The unit can control incandescent or LED lights by switching power or ground signals.  The module can accept a wide range of inputs with programmable input polarities to cater for a range of input conditions.  Outputs can be programmed to stay on or flash when activated.  This unit makes satisfying the Thiess latching requirement of external lights a breeze.


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